Our Vision

By whatever name it’s called — fibromyalgia, migraines, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, complex regional pain syndrome — chronic pain impacts the lives of over 100 million Americans. Sixty percent of those burdened with chronic pain suffer also suffer from neuropsychiatric disorders such as major depression, anxiety or bipolar disease. The combination of chronic pain and a neuropsychiatric disorder is a neuroinflammatory condition known as Central Sensitization Syndrome (CSS).

Using standard of care therapies, the odds of attaining total recovery from CSS are less than 10%.

To identify, treat, and perhaps even prevent CSS, we will need a better diagnostic tools. Instead of relying completely on a patient’s description of his or her symptoms, we need objective bio-markers. Similar to the new way in which we diagnose and treat cancers, we should be able to employ genetic testing, metabolomic testing, protionomic testing, and imaging studies such as CT scans and MRIs.

Our goal is to encourage collaboration among researchers so we can identify a legitimate path to recovery. We also aim to educate patients and physicians about neuroinflammatory disease, so that together we can advocate for more focused research and effective medical care.


Mission Statement

We need to change our minds on how pain is viewed. By seeing pain as a symptom of neuroinflammation, we can better understand and help the millions who suffer from chronic pain and depression. More research into neuroinflammation is needed to diagnose, treat, and ultimately prevent a disease that causes pain for so many; but we are on the right path.
– ​Dr. Linda Watkins, Ph.D. Department of Psychology & Neuroscience; Center for Neuroscience
University of Colorado at Boulder.

The Foundation for Total Recovery seeks to provide support and find a cure for all who suffer with chronic pain and depression by:

  • Partnering with leading researchers, academics, and innovators
  • Studying and publicizing the latest data on neuroinflammation
  • Finding a baseline approach to diagnosing and curing comorbid chronic pain and depression
  • Educating patients and medical professionals about these diseases and the most effective treatments

As an 501c3 organization, all U.S. donations to the Foundation for Total Recovery are tax-deductible. You can learn more and donate at totalrecovery.charity.org.